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konkurrenzfähiges Preis-Qualitäts-Sulfachloropyrazin-Natrium-lösliches Pulver


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Product Name

Sulfachloropyrazine Sodium Soluble Powder

Main Ingredients

Sulfachloropyrazine Sodium


light yellow powder.



Used to treat sheep, chicken and rabbit coccidiosis.

Dosage and Administration

Mixed drinks: per 1L of water with 1g for chicken and Turkey for three days.

Mixed feeding: every 1000 kg of feedstuff, with 2000g for chicken and Turkey for 3 days; with 2000g for Rabbit for 5-10 days.

Oral administration: every 1kg of body weight, with 1.2ml(formulate to purity of 10% of water solution) for sheep for 3-5 days.



(1) egg-laying period is forbidden.

(2) no more than 5 days for drinking water.

(3) no long-term use shall be added to feed.

Withdrawal Period


 4 days for Turkey; 1 day for Chicken; 28 days for sheep and rabbit.

Verpackung & Versand Verpackung: 1 l x 15 Flaschen / Fallor nach Kundenwunsch. \ N Versand: 3-5 Tage nach Zahlungseingang \ n \ n Unsere Leistungen Wählen Sie uns, Sie erhalten: \ n \ n
18 years experience
GMP produce line
Competitive price and high quality
A powerful biotech manufactory in animal extract area

one of the most famous GMP veterinary enterprises in China

 dedicated to researching, manufacturing and selling of veterinary products and other related products

Specialization, mechanization and modernization

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Produktgruppe : Lösliches Pulver

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